CSAW is committed to making circus school information accessible. Here are some good places to get you started. Join the CSAW Facebook Group to ask questions to our 600+ members. 

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In August 2019, founder Sierra Rhoades Nicholls gave this workshop at AYCOfest in San Diego, California, US.  

This slide presentation, "Auditoning for Professional Circus Schools: Where to Look, Who to Ask, and Finding the Path Right for You" includes tips for the circus school application & audition process. 

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One of the core beliefs of CSAW is that information is best given from those that have experienced something first hand. 

The CSAW Ambassadors have volunteered to represent 15 international schools and counting. They are here to answer your real questions about schools, "is this the right school for my discipline, do you like the location, etc." This will hopefully save you time and stress. 

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One of the hardest parts of applying for circus schools can be finding the actual application and the deadline for each school. Each year, CSAW releases a spreadsheet with these schools application links, deadlines, and ambassadors. 

View the 2021 deadlines below!