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Why did we raise $25K?

  • To provide yet another year of $1,000 Microgrants to U.S. Circus Artists of Color

  • To continue to offer resources and information for circus artists around the world 

  • To support our staff for the work they do to help keep CSAW programs running

Thanks to everyone who donated, in 2022 CSAW was able to reach our goal of $25,000 to provide a THIRD year of Microgrants for U. S. Circus Artists of Color!

If you want to continue supporting CSAW, please consider becoming a monthly donor by joining our Patreon! If everyone who donated to our fundraiser in 2022 gave $10 a month, we would be able to provide microgrants in 2024 without having to launch another campaign!


Additionally, 2022's fundraiser took over 250 administrative hours to reach our goal. For the longevity and equity of our organization, we want to ensure that we can properly pay our team. CSAW appreciates your support and commitment to helping us learn, change and support inclusion in the circus community!

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